---- © 2001 Kefalonia Apostolata Village ---- C. Werneke, Kazernestraat 1a, 1398 AN Muiden, telefoon : (+31) (0)294 - 26 21 20 ArmoreDesign The ressort has  a very good atmosphere and there is a lot of the original vegetation. There are fruittrees, oleanders and a lot of roses in all kind of colours. Apostolata village is situated between two villages. One of them (Scala) is only 2 km away and the other one (Poros) is only 4 km away. From the airport it is 40 km and that is about 1 hour driving. Scala has a beautiful beach where the turtles make their nests. On the sea site in Apostolata Village there are large terraces. Beachbeds and an umbrella is available. With a litte stair you can go in the water an go for snorkling. Our private villa on Kefalonia has two bedrooms with a balcony and view at the sea. Each bedroom has his own bathroom with shower. In each bedroom are two beds. There is also a babybed available.  Downstairs there is a livingroom (about 32 square meters) and a kitchen with washingmachine,microwave and fridge. In the livingroom there is a sofa wich can easily turned in to a double bed. The living has a 46 inch TVset with satellite TV. A DVD and audio-set are also available. There is WIFI available on demand. The living has a wonderful view at the sea and swimmingpool. Outside there is a big terrace with a pergola and  BBQ. All rooms have airconditioning. Laundry is available. The villa is situated in a ressort called Apostolata Village. This ressort has 15 private villa's and 20 appartments (only 2 floors) and a hotel (only 3 floors). There are 2 swimming- pools and the ressort is situated at the sea. The ressort is build in 1999. The hotel is a 5 stars hotel and has many facilities. (tennis, airobics, wellness).
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