---- © 2001 Kefalonia Apostolata Village ---- C. Werneke, Kazernestraat 1a, 1398 AN Muiden, telefoon : (+31) (0)294 - 26 21 20 Kefalonia is a beautiful green island that is situated in the Ionic sea. It is the biggest island of the Ionic archipel. Not yet discovered by mass tourism. The island has beautifull beaches, mountains with lots of cipres trees. Myrtos beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of europe. Every- where the water is clear and blue. The island has kept its original character. There are a lot of little romantic villages and beautifull ports. The island is about 40 km wide and 80 km long. There are a lot of siteseeings like musea,  a national park (with wild horses), monasteries and caves. Kefalonia is famous for its red and white wine Robola, its honey en white cheese. From Kefalonia you can easily go to other islands like Ithaca, Lefkada, Zante and the main land (Peloponesos) by boat. Kefalonia has a typically Mediterranean climate. The winters are mild with frosts occurring rarely and temperatures, in the main, rising above 5C.By contrast,summers are dry and hot with negligible rainfall in July and August. The air tem- peratures during this time are often greater than 30 C. and in open areas the ground temperatures can be very much higher. ArmoreDesign
vakantiehuis@kefalonia.nl Tip: Do you want to see more about Kefalonia? See the flim Captain's Corelli's mandolin. This movie with Nicolas Gage and Penelope Cruz gives you a good impression of this romantic island. See more? Click on the map Armore Design